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French Russia Automotive readership
Automotive industry professionals, car and components manufacturers, distributors, traders, etc.

To date, our circulation data base contains over 2100 contacts worldwide, of which 1300 in Europe and more than 100 in Russia.

We accept insertion formats up to 800 x 600, including 728 x 90 banners and 336 x 850 cubes.

French Russia Automotive in published in French, English and Russian. We offer to publish your ad in one, two or three languages at no extra charge, in the corresponding publications.

Your ad will be inserted both in the electronic copies emailed to our subscribers and prospects, in the electronic copies when made available online on our website, and in the paper copies distributed during exhibitions and conferences.
Therefore we recommend that you print the links to your websites with full spelling so that it can be consulted on all supports (ie avoid click-on logos)

Our insertion rate is 750 euros (exclusive of VAT), for banners and cubes alike. This rate is for the insertion of your advertisement in one issue of French Russia Automotive, in all 3 languages and under all formats.

To place your ad
Contact us by phone +33 1 71 28 95 09, or by email ad@autofrancorusse.fr 


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